The beautiful Bellinger Valley
The beautiful Bellinger Valley

Apply for a GP Visiting Medical Officer position at Bellinger River District Hospital

(You will be directed to the NSW Health Job Vacancy site)

For further information email Dr Derek Bell, Chair of the Medical Staff CouncilĀ

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BHAG 2022 AGM – Monday 25th July, 2022

To nominate for a position on the BHAG Committee:

  1. Download the fillable pdf Nomination Form below.
  2. Complete the blue acceptance section of the Nomination Form.
  3. Forward it to the BHAG Secretary by 18 July 2022, either by post to – PO Box 120, Bellingen NSW 2454 or email to
  4. We will be in contact with you within 24 hours of receipt.

2022 BHAG AGM Nomination Form for Office Bearer

Don’t want to join the committee but want to help in some other way?

Perhaps you are a Facebook or Instagram whizz, you’d like to make a donation, you would like become a gardening volunteer, or you’d just like to be contacted to help out if the hospital comes under threat again. Email us at

VMO Recruitment … good news

We are pleased to be able to advise that there has been significant progress in the process to recruit Visiting Medical Officers (VMOs) to the Bellinger River District Hospital.

The first advertisement has appeared on the NSW Health’s website. This is the first of a series of rolling advertisements.  Each advertisement will have a one month cut off date to allow MNCLHD to assess applications.  The position will then be re-advertised.

Applicants are no longer limited to working in the Emergency Department, but can choose ED, Inpatient or a combination of both.  The inflexibility of the pre-existing VMO contract was a major stumbling block for prospective VMOs.

BHAG will continue to monitor the situation and meet with the MNCLHD on a regular basis.  Assuming that all goes to plan, we should not have to email the community again for some time.

Thank you for your continued support. None of this would have happened if the community had not stepped up, signing the petition, attending meetings and spreading the word.  We should congratulate ourselves, and the doctors, nurses and medical staff at the hospital for their commitment.  The Bellingen community is truly a force to be reckoned with!

BHAG 2021 AGM Minutes & Financials …

The committee pays tribute to Barbara Moore who guided BHAG for the past ten years and without whom, the Wellness Garden would not exist.

The 2021 AGM was held on 12th July 2021 at St Andrews Uniting Church Hall, Bellingen.

We would like to thank and extend a warm welcome to the members of the 2021/2022 Committee:

President: Pauline Murphy
Vice President: Fenella Briscomb
Secretary: Fenella Briscomb
Treasurer: John Conway
Returning Committee Members: Charlotte Blesing & Marlene Howes
New Committee Members: Anna Strek & Janette Lovell.
Consultant VMO: Doctor Derek Bell
Public Officer: Fenella Briscomb

A special welcome to the two new committee members – Anna Strek and Janette Lovell.

Please click on the links below to read the relevant AGM documents:

BHAG Balance Sheet FY 2021
BHAG Profit & Loss FY 2021

BHAG 2021 AGM – Monday 12th July, 2021

BHAG AGM Advertisement 2021 website

To nominate for a position on the BHAG Committee:

  1. Download the fillable pdf Nomination Form below.
  2. Obtain written nominations from two current committee members.
  3. Complete the acceptance section of the Nomination Form.
  4. Forward it to the BHAG Secretary, PO Box 120, Bellingen NSW 2454, email to or bring to the AGM on 12 July, 2021

2021 BHAG AGM Nomination Form for Office Bearer